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Freight running Relocating received freight to other locations in the warehouse to open space on the receiving dock. This also reduces the time slotters take to put away received freight since they don’t have to go back to the dock.
Inventory services From full inventory counts to cycle counts, and perpetual inventories counts.
Order auditing Order auditing reduces the possibility of your customers receiving an improper or incomplete order. This also help to monitor the productivity of the selectors.
Order selecting Order selecting or pulling, for palitizing for shipment.
Package repackaging When received cases need to be repacked due to damage or reconfiguring for shipping or displays.
Pallet services From pallet sorting and stacking, to loading of leased pallets for return to depos.
Recieving Clerk Can perform duties like print tie sheets, printing receiving labels, organizing bills of lading. And other office organization functions.
Scheduling Setting schedules for incoming loads to distribute available dock space and time to maintain production levels.
Slotting The removal of received freight from the dock to the racks or location storage.
Trailer loading and unloading Striping freight from incoming trailers, to reloading for storage or shipping.
Warehouse housekeeping From sweeping floors, emptying trash, and collecting pallet wrap to cleaning racks.
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